Eid-ul Adha [1440 Hijri] Prayer

Date: Aug. 11, 2019 (Sun)
( According to announcement by Ruyate Hilal Committee - Japan )

Prayer Time: 7:00 AM sharp

* Separate hall for Ladies is available in Masjid.

* Access by Train;
 Nakamachidai station (Yokohama city subway Blue line) &
 Higashi Yamata station (Yokohama city subway Green line).
(From station to Masjid, walk, bus, or taxi is available)

* Please bring friends, if come by car.

* Parking available near Masjid. Please follow the Volunteers instructions.

For Guidance, please contact

Altaf Ghaffar : 090-3510-2798
Mohammad Huraish : 090-2656-6742
  Ashiq  Hossain: 080-3008-1465
Mohammad Bashir : 090-3096-3448