Eid-ul Adha (1429 Hijri) Festival Date : Dec. 8, 2008 (Monday).
Eid-ul Adha (Sacrifice Festival) prayer was held on 9AM. About 400 persons attended the prayer. There were several ladies & children in the prayer. After prayer, people congratulated each other for this happy event, while chatting & having snacks, outside the Masjid..

In the speech before prayer, the Imam explained the concept of Qurbani (sacrifice), & the history of this event. Imam explained how Sydena Ibrahim obeyed the Allah's order to sacrifice his son, and Allah changed his son with a sheep & accepted his obidience. As a reward, Allah ordered all beleivers till the day of judgment to follow this practice of sacrificing sheeps, goats, caows, or camels.

In Japan, it is not possible to make the sacrifice of animals at any place, specially in urban areas. Some organizations though have some arrangements for this purpose. Hopefully, we will be able to practice this part of our deen (religion) in Japan more easily in future, while abiding by Japan's laws.

Alhamdo Lillah, the Eid-ul Adha festival was a successful event. May Allah accept our deeds. (Aameen)