Lecture by Imam Masjid-e Nabvi Date : July 7 (Wednesday).
Imam of Masjid-e Nabvi, Sheikh Salah Al-Budair visited Yokohama Masjid, on 7th July, After Salat Maghrib. He delivered a lecture & then led the Salat Al-Isha.

In his lecture he mainly stated about stressed about correctness of faith, & to remove any Bid'ah (impurities) mixed up in our lives. He reminded us that we should always thank Allah, that he has guided us to right path. We should always think how we have to pass our lives as Muslims. How we should act, work, or behave with other Muslims & with non-Muslims. We have to always refer to Quran & Sunnah of Muhamamd (S.A.W) for every problem of our life. And we should always ask help from Allah only & none other, including our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

About 200 men & aprox. 40 women attended the gathering. Imam's lecture was in Arabic, but there was arrangement of translation in Urdu, Japanese, English & Tamil languages.