Ramadhan 1436 Hijri Date : June 18 - July 17, 2015.

Ramadan is not only the month of Fasting, but it is the chance to get more near to Allah. In this month, reward for good actions becomes more than 70 times, so all Muslims try to get more & more reward by Fasting, Praying, Reading Quran etc. All Muslims try to pass more time in Masjids for this purpose.

Alhamdo Lillah, we are having about 80 to 100 persons in Iftar everyday. Even more attend the Taraweeh prayer. We really feel the Islamic environment, & we forget that we are in non-muslim country Japan. This environment is very important, specially for new converted Muslims, & children, who can practice what they have learned from their spouses or from their parents. In this month, the practical becomes more important than learning theory.

Lets try to get more & more reward & blessings of Allah in this month. Lets pray for forgiveness for our sins, & to go the Jannah, the eternal paradise.


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